Create Pure CSS Horizontal Menu Nav in Seconds for Free! is a FREE web-based application that generates css-only dropdown menus with minimum efforts!
You need just 3 easy steps to create your CSS menu:
1. Open and select the menu template you like.
2. Setup the menu item link and appearance.
3. Download the result as a zip file.
That's all! No complicated HTML and CSS coding. No drawing. Easy and Free!

* Widest browser and platform compatibility including IE6 with disabled Javascript.
* Super small size ~ 4Kb.
* Immediate loading.
* Text-only browsers friendly.
* Readable by any search-engine robots.
* Horizontal css menu & Vertical css menu.

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Tutorial: How To Make No-JavaScript Expanding Menu Navigation in Minutes for Free!

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CSS Menu comes with hundreds of predefined attractive graphical looks and supports easy integration with existing web sites. No HTML / CSS knowledge required. CSS Menu features include: XHTML-compatible output, Very small size of the generated CSS and HTML code - usually araund 10KB (depending on the selected features and target browser the size is guaranteed to be between 8KB and 16KB); XML support; Compatibility with all popular browsers and platforms (Windows, Unix, Mac); Possibility to use cool image backgrounds; You can customize the CSS menu to the smallest detail; Yatay Css Menuler Give Pure CSS Menu a try, you will see a demo on it's page - after taking a look you will most definitely be impressed by it's great design and simplicity in creating.

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