Outstanding Online Website Builder Overview

Every single business demands a site. However, you can easily get a lot more attention via the internet using a web page which includes newest trends in web site design. These are simply features that place your label noticed ahead of the competitors.

Easy Website Builder

This becomes even greater. Right now, you can certainly create a brilliant website intended for your enterprise without having programming or development knowledge. The 8b Simple Website Builder is the solution for this particular job. It is complimentary and also easy to use.

What is 8b Simple Website Builder?

8b Tech Ltd has recently released an Online Website Builder that enables users to construct their web page by utilizing their mobile phones.

In the simplest terms, the 8b AMPLanding Page Creator is a solution you can choose to build your website although you don't possess coding knowledge. The flexible elements of the 8b Online Website Builder can make it easy and convenient for you to make use of the tool online or offline. And so you can have a good time drag-and-dropping and enhancing components of your website to design a web site with state-of-the-art and mobile-friendly characteristics.

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8b Easy Website Builder is a straightforward and totally free Site Generator that can be run both offline or online. This web application supports AMP pages to make sure that your web page can load much faster on smart phones. Customers can build a responsive web page using this application.

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. Todays, a greater part of users use their mobile phones to surf web sites. So, a responsive web site could load a lot faster on their phones. You will certainly be astounded to realise that 8b Landing Page Generator assists in making a mobile-friendly website. This particular Landing Page Generator app incorporates 2 modern technologies i.e. Bootstrap and AMP. Both of these technologies are well known to create a responsive, mobile-friendly, pleasant, and quick loading internet site.

How 8b Simple Website Builder Works

8b Simple Website Builder is a convenient app and you can easily use it with no problem. Go to the 8b homepage and try to find "Create Site for" Section and you can find the pull-down menu with the headline "Select Here". Here you are going to discover a number of templates and you can pick out one according to the concept of your company. The app offers themes for agency, event, consulting firm, games, apps, lawyer, medical and so on.

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The actions on how the Easy Website Builder operates are very few considering the plan is to offer simpler methods of designing web sites; use those basic steps, and your website is set to be discovered by guests.

Step 1: Get 8b Landing Page Maker software and set it up on your cell phone.

Step 2: Start with a template from the various offered layouts that concern many niche market to start working with a new page.

Step 3: Start working on your website by inserting sections of components you want your site to provide, and put them where that suits you.

Step 4: Your web page is all set to get released when you end up editing it to your wanted taste. This should be the ultimate action of the procedure except there is anything you want to transform, at that point do not hesitate to proceed just a few steps back and also edit correctly. Posting your site puts it out to guests and website traffic to stream in to consume your contents.

8b Templates

Easy Website Builder offers a lot more than 17 templates accessible on the system and you might use all of these templates to produce the web site for your organisation.

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The themes of this particular Simple Website Builder are suitable for individuals who really need sites for e-commerce, entertainment, sports, real estate, judicial or health companies, bloggers, and wedding planners.


The whole article speaks clearly of the real benefits for which you should decide to use the Simple Website Builder with regard to your projects. We are going to go through the motivating features into those few benefits that consist of:

  • That creates cutting-edge websites that are very responsive by having an infinite range of websites.
  • The web developing process is fascinating and proficient.
  • The program comes with a superior easy to use program.

Simple Website Builder

  • You don't really need to understand any coding languages.
  • Web pages are effortlessly managed when necessary.
  • The platform is manageable that it makes it possible for you to utilize your own backgrounds in any templates you pick to use.


In conclusion, the simplicity at which you can work with 8b to generate a website from the ground up is pretty much extraordinary. And the minute you are actually ready, with a few mouse clicks, you can publish your web site, putting your organization on the internet, to a global market.

Try it right away for nothing, sign up and begin developing your internet site in moments.